Beauty is truer and deeper than we normally allow, and it arises form health in mind and body.  By stimulating the circulation, nourishing the skin, relaxing the muscles, and calming the mind. 

the facial

Stress and tension can have a detrimental effect on our appearence, tightening the muscles, and leading to a pinched, hard look.  Massage relaxes this tension and encourages a softer expression.

aroma touch
massage and reflexology

Therapeutic massage has an enormous impact on all systems of the body. Aroma Touch can have very powerful sedative effect on the nerves, melting away the stress and strain of everyday life.

personalised massages

Designed to meet your individual  health and beauty needs, dee’s personal package is tailored to your each and every need with that something extra treatments provide the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation. 

MASSAGE Treatments

  • Deep Tissue Massage from $120

    A gentle yet powerful technique that consists of slow, delicate, repetitive movement. Manual Lymphatic Drainage. The technique has many application, from self-help treatment of minor swelling to professional treatment.90 minutes

  • Swedish Massage from $120

    The aim of Swedish treatment is by a careful manipulating of muscles and joint, to restore to good health such as are in any way diseased. 60 minutes

  • Aroma Touch Massage $120

    AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES FULL BODY MASSAGE. In an Aromatherapy Associates full body massage, carefully applied pressure will stimulate your nervous system and encourage healthy circulation. A truly, holistic treatment, increase the benefits with CPTG of six essentials oils by incorporating Aromatouch technique into your healthy lifestyle, body and mind. 90 mins

Treatments and packages


    FACE MASSAGE is the most relaxing and believe the most beneficial of all massage. Gentle stroking the whole face, then focus on the muscles of expression, imaging that you are sculpting the face and giving a face lift with hands.


    On the whole a treatment body and facial, extremely pleasurable and very additive. Will fall asleep which is excellent for healing. 90 minutes


    Relieves muscular tension. Soften and lengthens muscles fibres. Improves mobility and flexibility.


    After the mental, emotional, and physical strain of childbirth, new mothers need to be nurtured themselves, and massage is a prefect way to relax the mind and body. MORE ON PACKAGE.

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